Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Secret Underground

Here is a my writing of a weta and were it lives and all of the things that is on it that other creatures don't.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Lost And Stolen

Lost And Stolen

The things I lost was my game called brink and my money. After that day I was going to put my money in a safe place and I was going to put all of my games in a safe place and that safe place would be a plastic box.

In a week or so when we went out someone came in our house and stole my sister’s sleeping bag and some knives and forks. It is kind of weird that he took some knives and forks.

But luckily we found my sisters sleeping bag at my auntys house it was weird because they grabbed a sleeping bag they could of grabbed the t.v or other stuff that is more valuable.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly

Today is the first day of school and at the immersion assembly Mr Burt was talking about survivor's and how the fiapoko parrot did not survive in his habitat. So then he showed us a video about the fiapoko parrot.I liked it because it was very funny.

Team 1 was talking about going to the zoo and seeing how those animals can survive in their environment, and they're also talking about a karaoke.They did a Karaoke contest for going to the zoo with team 1.

Team 2 was talking about dinosaurs and how they did not survive in their habitat and trying to find out the other different kinds of dinosaurs.

Team 3 was explaining that they were going to make their own dinosaurs and where they might live and the names of them.And also how their dinosaurs can adapt to there habitat.

Team 4 was talking about where does the different kinds of animals live and how they can live in their environment and adapt to the different habitat.

Team 5 Is talking about how humans adapt to their habitat and all of the environment that we live in just the noodles face with chopsticks. Miss clark was fast because she has been using chopsticks when she was three years old.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Graphic Organiser

Graphic Organiser

On Saturday me and my family went to Rainbow’s end for my sister's birthday . With me was my Mum Sister and my cousins. We had heaps of fun and the first ride we went on was that big boat that swings.

After all of those rides we finally went on the fear fall . The fear fall looked scary at first but when we got to the to it had a beautiful view . After that view it dropped and gave me a really big fright.

When we got of I was still scared and I said to myself I will never go on that ride again.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Friday, 11 September 2015

Moving Between Fractions,Ratio,Decimals And Percentages

Moving Between Fractions,Ratio,Decimals And Percentages

This week we have been learning moving between fractions,Ratio,Decimals and Percentages.In this picture on the top can show you how to